"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer."

We stay at Guatemalan hotels with clean lovely atmospheres.
Lots of garden restaurants to choose from
Stop to smell the flowers? Of course. 

Stop to smell the flowers? Of course. 


Come with us. We help you to explore that fire inside of you.Photograph extraordinary landscapes and people.  Engage the gypsy in you waiting to go. You'll meet the Mayan, engage with everyday people and help others as we travel. 
Forming the Guatemala October 30- November 7 travel photography workshop now. Trip is limited to 8 participants. 

Our purpose it to produce incredible photography, to practice goodwill towards all, and to encourage laughter on our planet. 

Experience the heartbeat of the culture and grasp the endless opportunities to photograph in highland Mayan Guatemala, volcano-encircled lakes and a historic city with its European and indigenous roots.

We limit this workshop to no more than 10 in order to move about lightly and work as a team.  

Cameras- A digital 35mm camera or an iphone are fine for shooting.  Laughing  Planet photography workshop isn't about cameras or equipment. Our emphasis centers  on shooting amazing landscapes,  people, architecture, and engaging  goodwill with those we meet.  You will have the opportunity to show your images during short share and critiques sessions.  No matter what level you are at,  you'll leave with a stronger images and as a better photographer and storyteller. 

Experience the past, present and the future, walk amongst the ancient cathedrals, hear the ancient Mayan languages spoken throughout Guatemala. There are 22 Mayan languages spoken throughout the country but 3 popular languages in the highlands are Kaqchikel, Tz’utujil and K'iche'.

There will be time to wander through colorful markets offering only indigenous products and boat across the the massive volcanic lake in the highlands when we launch off  to visit villages. 

We will visit after the rainy season. It might be 75 F in midday and a pleasant 60F at night. It is really the land of eternal spring. 

Traveling responsibly encourages us to engage with all types of people, to learn about how some values from our own past history are still here and other values are unique to a very different culture. Openness will always be extended to those who seek ways to encourage laughter, understanding and goodwill.  

We  travel to many beautiful places on this trip but we also try to make free time for everyone in the afternoons during siesta. Mornings and evenings we'll take advantage of the magic light that falls on Guatemala for photographing. 

You can see some of Sherrlyn Borkgren's work here http://www.borkgrenphoto.net