Guatemala Workshop



There is an option to add on a 3-day Tikal ruins visit at the end of the trip. Send your questions to 

Travel is focused around the Giant Kite Festival that takes place on All Saints' Day on November 1. We have a special opportunity to visit and pay forward at a Youth Ranch for discarded children. 

After our meet-and-greet, some time in Antigua, and photography talk, we'll get ready for the festival. These spectacular kites are 25 feet in diameter. Their makers will fly them in the sky in honor of those who have died. It's a 3-day celebration beginning October 31, but the biggest and most colorful day is November 1. Earth is represented by the making of tamales and the Guatemalan corn drink Elote en Dulce. Air and Wind are represented through the giant paper kites.

 ARRIVAL. We will pick you up at the main airport and drive 45 minutes to the colonial town of Antigua. We kickstart our trip with three nights in the busy old colonial town. We'll discuss storytelling and meet you on the level of photography where you are. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and talk photography. Food, drinks, and photo opportunities are around every corner. Early morning after the big kite festival, we travel to the region of the highlands and the lake. You'll be amazed at the beauty around the highlands. The youth ranch is on the edge of the Cuchumatanes Mountains, a photographer's dream. We will stay two days at the ranch and be family with the parentless kids who have no families. 

We are always flexible to your needs and to the rhythm of the Guatemalan people. We stick to our agenda as much as possible but will always bend when needed.