Trip Features

Once you land at the airport we will pick you up and go 45 minutes to the colonial town of Antigua. We will start our trip with the 3 nights in the old colonial town with excursions to outlaying villages and activities. There will be plenty to photograph, eat, see and do  For those who want the option (not included in price) there is an early morning climb up the volcano. Everyone else will travel  to a lookout point above the city in an open window vehicle. Both are wonderful trips and views. The 3rd day in Antigua we'll visit a earth stove factory where families are trading in open cancer causing fire pits for the earth stove that uses less wood and eliminates smoke. 

After 3 days based in  Antigua we head off to the region of the highlands and the lake. We'll be visiting several villages  and stay a few nights right on the lake surrounded by volcanoes.  We will launch off on a collective boat to visit lake viilages and stay the night on the opposite side of the lake. We'll even have the opportunity to take some tuk tuks to a nearby village. 

After several days and nights around the lake we'll travel to the most famous and largest indigenous market in the Americas,  Chichicastenango.  The Chichi Catholic church near the market, Santo Tomas is built on top of a Mayan sacred alter.  It is a mix of religious Mayan and Catholic rituals. The burning candles and incense and the 18 steps hold great meaning to the Mayan culture as the 18 steps represent the 18 months of the Mayan calendar.  We'll stop off at a colorful graveyard and have lunch in Chichi. 

We will have the opportunity to engage and  spend some of our time visiting organizations who are making a difference in Guatemala whether it be through building wood burning efficient earth stoves, creating woman cooperatives, replacing tin houses with brick or eco-gardening for children. Getting behind the scenes creates opportunities to engage with the people one-one and to understand our world.  But bring your bathing suit if you like the water because you'll have opportunities to soak in the hotel's mineral rich volcanic hot spring. 

We encourage bringing small gifts to give and will go over specifics in the tips sheet once you have reserved your place. 

We are always flexible to your needs and to the rhythm of the Guatemalan people. We stick to our agenda as much as possible but will always bend when needed.