We travel to two main places then we take side trips from our home bases. Here is a layout of our route for Guatemala Highlands. We always stop for the spectacular 



October 30. We pick you from La Aurora International Airport before we travel to our hotel at the UNESCO World Heritage town Antigua. Time to get settled in before we enjoy dinner, talk about plans and a get a quick look around town. It's easiest on you to come in the night before and stay at our recommended hotel close to the airport. 

October 31.   Stay in Antigua a town layered with cathedrals, cobblestone streets and locals preparing for "All Saints' Day". We'll ride an open air cart up a hill for an exceptional vista of  Volcán de Fuego (Fire Volcano) and photos of the colonial town below.

November 1. A photography feast for your eyes, the colorful Mayan Kites Ceremony on "All Saints' Day" will send your color compass off the charts. You'll revel in the opportunities to photograph the kites, the people and the festive food served right alongside the graveyard. The food is also delicious for eating!

November 2.  We leave early to the magnificent Mayan highlands with a visit for a day and overnight at the Youth Ranch in Huehuetanango. It's pronounced, "way-way-tenango". The drive is gorgeous through the mountain highlands. We'll stop for photos along the way. The kids are excited about our visit. You can use your creativity as to how you want to share, help or learn here. 

November 3. We have breakfast with the boys at the ranch before heading towards Panajachel and Lago Atitlán. We have a relaxing  lunch in Panajachel then catch a local boat across the lake to San Pedro. There we stay at a quaint Mayan owned hotel on the lake. 

November 4.  Lake Atitlán is a mix of ancient and modern Guatemala. Dappled with fishermen in dugout canoes, kayaks, and motorboats you'll have stories to show from this. Take a siesta in a hammock today and explore the town of San Pedro.  Options include canoeing across the lake, climbing a volcano or taking a casual walk with your camera around town.  

November 5. Savor and learn about the local Mayan culture today with some women weaving cooperatives and local painters. We'll visit a nearby village San Juan de Laguna by boat and return the same day. The Mayan women will show you how they color their threads with natural dyes and how they do back strap weavings. There are local painters and a small church in the village. You'll like the laid back culture of the Mayan people.

November 6.  We'll photograph around San Pedro today and  friendly culture of the Mayan people  is addicting. There's never enough time in the lake highlands

November 7.  Another fun boat ride before we head back to gorgeous Antigua.We'll spend a little time in Panajachel for shopping and a final look at the lake from the other side. Our final night we enjoy the finale show-and-tell in our hotel and an evening dinner together.  

November 8 Enjoy the morning in Antigua before your flight back home. Those who want can shoot sunrise around town. Talk to us before booking your flights.