Focus Shoot Move

They say that a basketball player knows if he has made the shot the moment the ball leaves his hand, long before the ball lands.  It's the same in making a good photography shot. We know the moment we hit the shutter.  It's great, mediocre or an edit out.
 Is there is a reason to shoot again? If not move. Usually, the moment that attracted you in the first place has disappeared within seconds.
 Spending time shooting over and over the same image means you might be missing out on something else happening right beside or behind you.  It could just be a completely different angle, space or emotion.
  Moments are like music, be aware of the changing tempo and be ready to move your body to the beat around you.
The next photography workshop to Guatemala is gaining momentum if you are interested in the October workshop, photographing All Saint's Day and the gigantic kites in Guatemala contact me at   There will be the option to add on Tikal at the end of the workshop. 


New Guatemala Travel Photography Workshop October 30

Giant Kite Festival on All Soul's Day

October 30 to November 7 is planned to include a day photographing the Giant Kite Festival on All Soul's Day in Guatemala. Graves are decorated with the deceased's favorite foods, marigolds, and even mariachi bands arrive with songs. Tamales represent the earth and the paper of the kites represent air and wind when flown across the graves. Colorful and fun you'll need extra camera cards.  After a full day at the graveyards we'll leave the next day for the lake region in our van. 

Guatemala Tip on Money Belt

Safety-  It's pretty safe these days but like anyplace there are pickpockets. So we hide our valuables. The best method that I have experienced for keeping your most important valuables safe is in an additional pocket that hangs down your pant leg. A friend of mine made her own.  It's simple to sew two sides together just wide enough to stick your passport in, perhaps an atm card and a little cash. Then take a big diaper pin and pin it to the inside of your pants or skirt. It's always there and you can settle your nerves because it's easy to feel it with your hand. 

I like this better than a neck strap because as a photographer I don't need anything extra around my neck. I like it better than the waist belt because i can't feel that it is there sometimes and that makes me nervous. Also a waist belt can be uncomfortable when sitting and it bunches up. 

I'm going to make one soon and then I'l post it. They are also possible to buy online ready made for about $20.  They are called pocket passport bag.  If you have a travel Photography tip please share it here. 


National Geographic Photographer Lynn Johnson joins

Lynn Johnson and I became buddies during our time at Ohio University in 2000. She came to the college on a Knight Fellowship and I came as a scholarship student. Our friendship has continued over the last 16 years. 
  So when she expressed that she'd like to teach this Photography Workshop with me in Guatemala it was a no brainer.  

You will return a traveler, not a tourist, with new eyes to see the world

We have almost always seen eye-to-eye on the world.   Her compassion to make the world just a little better has taken her around the world for magazines and human right's groups is the same as I believe.   She's a great addition to this workshop and already I am making plans for future photography workshops where I hope Lynn and Sharon Levy plus other great and amazing photographers and video experts  will also join me.   
 These trips will be the perfect way to combine travel, get off the beaten road trips, creating friendships with likeminded people and creating photography at all levels.   I always say it is the person who makes the photos not the camera. The machine is just a clicker. As of today we have a few spots open for the Travel Trip to Guatemala. It is a March 25, 2017 trip for 10 days. Write if you want more information.   

Travel Photography Shooting from the Roof

Traveling as a photographer you never know where you might end up. Today I sat on top of a roof and watched the clouds blowing around in Guatemala.   I didn't plan on staying long in Antigua. But it's something magical here for a photographer.
I didn't have a wide angle lens with me but shot with what I had on me.  I was kicking myself a little but then it was as if the clouds arranged themselves for me to take the shot with what I had. Landscape photography has never been my forté but sometimes a landscape scene just slaps you right in the face.   Come with me in March to Guatemala and we'll explore together.  There will be two photography workshop leaders and plenty of opportunities to get landscape photos and people shots.  

Travel Photography Workshops Laughing

The first blogpost on Travel Photography is really about why I decided on for a name. It all came from inspiration and rebellion. 
Laughing is the name. You know how easy it is to hassle and worry about something like a name. I spent days doing that. First, I went through lists of names that included travel photography, photography tours,  just photography, or photography workshops, camera, lens. Every time I was sure of one I ran it by friends and peers. I'm sure they are checking their message I.D's now to make sure it's not me again asking "which one, how does this sound?"

So the photography workshop name, may seem that it has nothing to do with photography and travel.   Even if no one ever reads this first post on Travel Photography  I will have this to look back on in years from now to remember this feeling of will it work?  These days I think backwards often and now plan on what to look back on from the future.  In 10 years the world will be so different than it is today. What will we have left. I hope the photos that I shoot today will be part of the collection of this memory.  Travel and photograph engage and know. 

Wait and think a moment

It has everything to do with travel. I'll be back later. 

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