Kaylin is joining Laughingplanet.org Travel Photography Workshops as the new coordinator, and logistics.  

If you want to know when or where we eat dinner or when we get up in the morning she is your go to person.  Where to get the safest drinking water? Ask Kaylin.  On our Beta I photography trip Kaylin came as a student but really didn't want to return to her old job as a waitress. I couldn't get her off my mind.  
It felt crazy for me trying to do logistic and teach even with a second teacher.  I had to spend most of my time taking care of business and bumps that came along. There is so much pre work that is done prior to a workshop it is a job all alone. Kaylin will be grabbing some of that responsibility as well. 
If you want to know about ISO, f-stops ask a photography teacher. So onward Guatemala Beta II. Join us for this Mayan adventure with your camera.