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Step across the threshold into ancient Mayan culture

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Beginning October 30 for ten days include an ancient kite ceremony and festival, canoe across the lake, climb an inactive volcano, 

help a community in need or choose to hang out in a hammock  above the massive Lake Atitlán. 

 Our Photo Trip Vacations offer a casual structure of discussions and inspiration without tedious classroom lectures.

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        TEXT- 541-579 9929   U.S.A. 

Two accomplished photographers and storytellers lead this trip in the Guatemalan Highlands. Karen Kasmauski of National Geographic Magazine

and Sherrlyn Borkgren Human Rights storyteller will travel with you daily.

Beginning through advanced photographers, writers and those with curious minds are invited. 

Prerequisite? Spontaneity  and a cooperative heart

. We align ourselves with  lovely local hotels and Guatemalan people to support the environment and the communities that we visit. 
You'll fall in love with the hotels from that which provides mountain views to waking up to the waves of the lake smacking the shoreline.  

This slideshow is from a previous trip to the Kite Ceremony that we will visit on the 2018 fall trip. 

 You'll learn how to create travel and storytelling photography that is beyond the ordinary. Each day we embark on an excursion to beautifully dramatic locations to photograph against unique backdrops of the indigenous Mayan culture and landscapes.  (Sidenote)There are 21 Mayan languages and in the lake area there are 400 species of birds).We are adding a fascinating day of bird-watching option this Guatemala trip. 

Imagine hanging out with people from an ancient Mayan culture, photographing colorful handmade kites that span two-stories high and in contrast waking up to the gentle waves of  a volcanic lake. We kick start this photo trip in Antigua Guatemala and then make our way to the highlands of Guatemala around the breathtaking Lake Atitlán. It's a feast for any photographer’s eyes.  You'll become a better photographer, storyteller and your own life will be forever touched by those we meet. 
Our small group allows us to be spontaneous, share daily stories and photographs with one another.  We think community, sharing and friendship. 
.Karen's photos have covered over 25 covers of National Geographic Magazine. Sherrlyn's visual stories have been published world-wide in magazines, online T.V.  and with human rights groups impacting and changing lives. 


Have Questions?


info@borkgrenphoto.net or Contact here  Text 541   579 9929 in U.S. pacific time

                                                                                        Photo by S.Borkgren    Messengers of the wind, Guatemalans say kites flying in the wind communicate to those who have died that they are remembered. 

                                                                                      Photo by S.Borkgren   Messengers of the wind, Guatemalans say kites flying in the wind communicate to those who have died that they are remembered. 

 Sherrlyn and Antonia in Guatemala with an avocado and tangerines. 

Sherrlyn and Antonia in Guatemala with an avocado and tangerines.