Power in Small 

friendships, flexibility and Goodwill

are the foundation of our journeys. Small group travel provides us flexibility to see places and interact with people that the common tourist will never experience. You are going to travel just like Sherrlyn and Karen might journey on an assignment. Our goal is that you have fantastic stories to return home with, magnificent images, and life changing experiences. 

"Giving is Living" Steve Jobs

 Remarkable places and people are often bypassed in order to stay on agendas when in a larger group. We travel as we would for an assignment whether for National Geographic Magazine or Save-the-Children.
This may include stopping off schedule to talk to an interesting person,  photograph the spectacular sunset, follow the aroma that leads to a special cafe, stay up late or get up extra early because something extraordinary is developing. Small is powerful. 

We limit our travel group to eight people. While based on photography and goodwill we invite all kinds of artists, writers and your partner to partake. Variety kindles excellence. 

We are invited to eat a homemade meal at the home of a pleasant Guatemalan family. We chose this family because of their struggle to keep their teenage children in school. Our visit helps them. We'll stay at a small comfortable Mayan hotel on the lake.
We avoid the corporate for real and personable adventures. You'll have ample time to explore and photograph on your own, join an optional excursions like canoeing or even climb a volcano if you choose.  We usually eat dinner and breakfast together. We share your photos and stories after lunch but we are flexible about this due to the many things that are happening around us1
We encourage friendship, sharing and cooperating.  We'd love to have you come with us.



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