A cathedral in Antigua - photo by borkgren

A cathedral in Antigua - photo by borkgren

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TRIP 2018 


Laughing Planet Journeys and Photography kickstarts this special trip with focus around the Giant Kite Festival that takes place on All Saints' Day, November 1, 2018. Laughter crashes through all boundaries on this special day, and you might find yourself enchanted with the Mayan culture. We've planned three main focuses for this trip. We go to the Kite Festival, the quiet photogenic Lake Atitlan and nearby Mayan villages and we donate one day giving back to a local community. 

 ARRIVAL. On the 30th of October we pick you up at the main airport at determined times and drive 45 minutes to the colonial town of Antigua. You get a chance to settle in for three nights in the bustling colonial UNESCO World Heritage site near to where the Kite Festival is that we visit..
Physical Level

 If you have physical concerns send Sherrlyn a note and she'll give you some options.   There are cobblestone streets, a couple of motor boat rides, and everything else is optional. 
 Canoeing or hiking a volcano are options just let us know and we'll set it up when we are there. If that's not for you, there are plenty of hammocks, cafes and streets to photograph. We don't want anyone to feel they can't go because of physical limitations so email and we can discuss if it's right for you or not. Since we are in a foreign country we ask everyone to buddy up with someone else in the group.

After our meet-and-greet, you'll have time to wander through some of the colonial streets.  Our first photography storytelling meet will be before the kite festival.  
These spectacular kites are as tall as a three-story building.  Their makers will fly them in the sky in honor of those who have died. Mayan legend says that the giant rainbow colored paper kites embody air and wind as messengers to the dead. It's a 3-day celebration beginning October 31on the Day of the Dead but in Guatemala the main celebration in the first of November and called, All Saint's Day. 

Maya food and culture offers many specialties in food only on this day. Earth represented with mouth-watering  tamales and my favorite the savory Guatemalan corn drink called "Elote en Dulce" will certainly inspire your appetite.


We are always flexible to your needs and to the rhythm of the Guatemalan people. We stick to our agenda as much as possible but we will be flexible so as to be in the best place at the right time. Guatemala doesn't always stay on our schedule.