Travel Photography Workshops

The first blogpost on Travel Photography Workshops is really about why I decided on for a name. It all came from inspiration and rebellion.

Laughing is the name. You know how easy it is to hassle and worry about something like a name. I spent days doing that. First, I went through lists of names that included travel photography, photography tours, just photography, or photography workshops, camera, lens. Every time I was sure of one, I ran it by friends and peers. I'm sure they are checking their message ID's now to make sure it's not me again asking: "Which one? How does this sound?"

So the photography workshop name may seem that it has nothing to do with photography and travel. Even if no one ever reads this first post on Travel Photography, I will have this to look back on years from now to remember this feeling of "will it work?" These days, I often think backwards and now plan on what to look back on from the future. In ten years, the world will be so different than it is today. What will we have left? I hope the photos that I shoot today will be part of the collection of this memory. Travel and photograph engage and know. 

Wait and think a moment.

It has everything to do with travel. I'll be back later. 

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