Wind Messengers of Guatemala

photography by Sherrlyn Borkgren

photography by Sherrlyn Borkgren

Guatemala Photography Workshop, October 30 to November 8, 2018.

Think of all the brilliant colors that you know, then imagine these colors delicately glued together as tissue paper onto giant bamboo frames. These are the giant kites of Guatemala.
Then imagine these kites so huge that 5 to 10 Mayan teenagers have to hold them down. 
These are the messengers in the wind.

We are going on October 30, 2018, to witness, photograph, and hear the stories of these wind messengers. Our workshop size is open to only 8 in order to be flexible, learn more, and move around easily. 

The traditional aim of the kite is to provide a passageway for the spirits to communicate and remind the deceased that they are not forgotten. At daybreak, Mayan families arrive at the graveyards to paint, place flowers, and eat with the deceased as they renew family and friendships.

They leave food on the graves for the dead (although dogs usually find and eat the food when everyone is sleeping). It is a wonderful time of festivities and fun. There is a lot of planning and history of the festival, beginning with the collecting of the kite frames a year earlier. In the weeks before, everything must come together for the big day. 

There are the delicious aromas of roasting corn, elote drinks, chilacayote (sweet squash), and hundreds of scrumptiously grilled foods to enjoy along the pathways to the graveyard. 

We kickstart our trip in October with this photographic trip to the Giant Kite Festival in Guatemala. There is much more on the trip. This is just in the beginning.

We go as travelers, photographers, story seekers but not as tourists. Come with us. Send me a note at