Focus, Shoot, Move

They say that a basketball player knows if he has made the shot the moment the ball leaves his hand. The same is true in making a good photography shot. We know the moment we hit the shutter–it's either great, mediocre, or an edit out.

Is there a reason to shoot again? If not, move. More than likely, the moment that attracted you in the first place has disappeared within seconds. Spending time repeatedly reshooting the same image means you might be missing out on something happening right beside or behind you. It could simply be a completely different angle, space, or emotion.

Moments are like music. Be aware of the changing tempo, and be ready to move your body to the beat around you.

The next photography workshop to Guatemala is gaining momentum. If you are interested in the October workshop, photographing All Saints' Day and the gigantic kites in Guatemala, contact me at There will be the option to add on Tikal at the end of the workshop.