Travel Photography with Purpose

Sometimes I don’t talk enough about our photography trips being purpose-driven.. When I became a photojournalist I wasn’t prepared. I never called myself a photojournalist even after a year of publishing in magazines. My focus was on helping these people that I was surrounded by who were suffering significance injustice. Working as a photojournalist has always been driving by this undercurrent that I hope to be doing something that makes life better short-term or long-term.
With Laughing Planet Journeys and Photography the purpose hasn’t changed. I find that happiness comes from giving to others and there are a 1001 ways to give. So here I share a photo of Jan who on our last trip continued to find ways to give to all we met. It is awesome to see others photographing and finding their unique ways to spread kindness. I hope you will join us on our next trip and experience the happiness of photography and purpose.

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