Three Tips When Photographing People

No matter what photography equipment you use you can make great people photos if you remember these three tips.

  1. Eyes-Some say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I’m not sure about the soul but eyes are essential to story telling. In this photo the man is looking away yet you can interpret that he is intent and focused upon something. Even if one doesn’t know what he is gazing upon there is still a certain amount of empathy this image calls for through his eyes. What is he doing? What’s he looking at? Is he sad? The opposite type of image is when a person is looking directly at the camera. They usually appear confrontational or as if they posing for the photo. That’s what is great about photography. There’s no wrong or right it’s up to the photographer to interpret what he/she wants to show. It’s important to be honest with the audience and be frank when photos are posed that may appear unposed.

  2. Head Shots? Save the headshots for the business page. Even when you find someone with and incredible face it is usually, more interesting to see a little more about whom the person is by more than just their head. I know it can be tempting to show all those beautiful sun baked wrinkles but in the long run to know a little more about the person is more intriguing.

  3. Environment - the environmental image is my favorite. It almost always tells a story. It is sometimes tricky to allow a lot of the background in the photo without it being distracting. Hey, that is what f-stops are for. Just by focusing on the person and setting your f stop to a wider opening like f4 will help to throw the background slightly out of focus while still giving information.