"Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I learn," Benjamin Franklin

At Laughing Planet Photography Travels we encourage you to come as a traveler and a friend. We are committed to unity, compassion, truth and shooting kick-ass photos. 

We have trips to Cuba and Guatemala. Our upcoming trip to Cuba is open for signup now. The Cuba trip is February 10 2020. The next journey to Guatemala Trip is open registration for April 1, 2020.

Come with us for an exciting adventure through exciting Cuba or the Guatemalan Mayan highlands. 

Our roles are to be available as a coaches. Not everyone is the same. Some people like a lot of feedback and others like to just do it on their own. We respect all.

We are professional photographers with years of education, 25-years of working as career photojournalists, magazines photographers, in human rights and in international and national news.

Photojournalist Sherrlyn enjoys hearing a story from Bangladesh workers. See her dog in the man's lap?

Photojournalist Sherrlyn enjoys hearing a story from Bangladesh workers. See her dog in the man's lap?

Photography Coaches

Karen Kasmauski comes on the Cuba trip as a coach and friend. Karen is the author of a photography book, a National Geographic regular contributor and works as a storyteller for human rights groups world-wide. Karen has been honored with numerous awards and is someone you’ll loving having available to answer questions on photography and talk about her international work. Karen is a graduate of Ohio University in Visual Communications. Karen and I met at a multimedia workshop and after many years reconnected again. So happy to have Karen onboard to Cuba in February, 2020.


SHERRLYN  is a writer and investigator, creator and photojournalist. She has worked as a foreign correspondent for major magazines and newspapers for 25 plus years and is frequently called upon when the story gets tough.
She relies on her family of friends and her faith for inspiration. Sherrlyn has reported from Iraq for magazines and news. She covered the story of rape in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for CNN. She investigated stories in Guatemala on Mayan reconciliation and healing of the ethnic cleansing of the country. Nobel Peace Prize Mayan recipient Rigoberta Menchú invited Sherrlyn to her private wedding and the burial of her firstborn. 
She was honored with a Meritorious Service Award by the 1st Cavalry for her work in Iraq. The U.S First Cavalry Engineers in an unprecedented act honored Sherrlyn with three challenge coins for bravery and courage during her coverage of the Iraq war. (Her dog is named Courage).

Her educational  background includes a Master's degree from Ohio University in Visual Communications and a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology/Fine arts from the University of Oregon. She  has worked with Newsweek, NBC, CNN, the United Nations, Associated Press, Agence France Presse, World Magazine, Dallas Morning News, NY Newsday, Outside, Financial Times, USA Today, and Save the Children amongst a hundred more. 
Her love of Guatemala dates from the ten years she spent as an international correspondent for Agence France Presse. For two years she worked on staff for the largest Guatemalan newspaper, Prensa Libre.

  What brings her back today are the majestic volcanoes, the Mayan lake villages and the escape from the 21st century. Laughter and spreading it around are a top priority. She recently went to Cuba for the first time. She discovered welcoming people and a fascinating land that she hopes others will also find in the 2020 journey to Cuba.

A traveler engages and becomes forever linked with the culture of another. It’s not the same as going to another country as a tourist. We teach traveling and photography. We don’t lead tours - Sherrlyn.

Lynn Johnson

Lynn went on the first trip to Guatemala with our Beta group and will be back for future trips. Her photography graces the pages of magazines such as National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and Women of Vision. She has received a number of prestigious awards including the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and World Press. We could fill a page with her rewards, but one of the most outstanding things about Lynn is her persistence to practice kindness in all situations. She has taught at National Geographic workshops, Ohio University, and Syracuse University Newhouse Communications. She has traveled world wide working on sensitive photography assignments, and she is always awake, aware and ready to share her knowledge of making good photos with workshop friends. 

Lynn works through her invisibility, compassion, and outrage. A regular in National Geographic, Johnson is known for shooting elusive subjects (language, disease, rape, water) and for asking tough questions. Her thesis as a Knight Fellow at Ohio University probed hate crimes; at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications she challenges master’s students to push past their own comfort levels. Dedicated to exploring the far reaches of the human condition, she spends only two months a year at home in Pittsburgh, packing the camera bag.

“I’m short,” says Lynn Johnson. “That’s one of the things I pack in my camera bag.”

“I’m short,” says Lynn Johnson. “That’s one of the things I pack in my camera bag.”

Sharon Levy strong armed and strong hearted watch for an upcoming workshop with storyteller Sharon Levy.

Sharon Levy strong armed and strong hearted watch for an upcoming workshop with storyteller Sharon Levy.


Sharon Levy

Sharon will be leading an upcoming surprise trip. Watch for it.
Sharon is an acclaimed visual storyteller and a two-time Emmy winner. She teaches video and storytelling and is renowned for her instructional skills. Sharon is an entertaining, informative guest-educator at national media conferences and has instructed a broad base of students. She has worked for American armed forces, radio, and television. She has a playful, light and compassionate soul that makes her approachable and loads of fun. Sharon will be teaching on an upcoming trip.

When not working in the field Sharon is making sure her children got braces and are on the right pathway to college

Journey with us and return home with tales of secrets to tell.