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 October 30 to November 8, 2018                              

Would you like to photograph volcanos, people, lend a hand at a teen ranch of lost boys, and take your photography to new heights? 


Lake Atilán, Guatemala is surrounded by three volcanoes, emerald green hills, and promising sunsets.  Photo by Sherrlyn Borkgren

Lake Atilán, Guatemala is surrounded by three volcanoes, emerald green hills, and promising sunsets. Photo by Sherrlyn Borkgren

A giant kite ready to fly on All Saints' Day in Guatemala.  Photo by Sherrlyn Borkgren

A giant kite ready to fly on All Saints' Day in Guatemala. Photo by Sherrlyn Borkgren

Physical Level
This trip is physically easy as long as you are comfortable walking on cobblestones, can carry your bag and will enjoy a fun boat ride. If you want more activity we'll set you up to climb a mountain. This workshop is focusing on learning better photography, engaging with others and giving. For those wanting more action, there are many opportunities to hike further and longer. If you are thinking about it and want to talk first email and we'l set up a phone call.

 "Travel is the only         thing you buy that       makes you richer."


Note:  (You will have the opportunity to show what you are shooting during short photo critiques. The best way to get better is to share your work in a safe and supportive environment.

October 30. Pickup from airport. Meet-and-greet in Antigua. Dinner together and a look around town.

October 31.  Antigua a UNESCO World Heritage town layered with cathedrals, cobblestone streets and locals preparing for All Saint's Day or "Day of the Dead".Halloween afternoon we'll ride an open air cart up a hill for a clear vista of Volcán de Fuego (Fire Volcano) and photos of the colonial town below. It's always great to get a view from above. Evening we join the locals in the park. 

November 1. A photography feast for your eyes, the colorful Mayan Kites Ceremony on All Saints' Day will draw out your color skills in photography. You'll revel in the opportunities to photograph the kites, the people and the festive food served right alongside the graveyard. The food is also delicious for eating!

November 2.  We travel to the  magnificent Mayan highlands with a visit for a day and overnight at the Youth Ranch. If there is time we'll stop along tbe way

November 3. Stay with the children at the ranch for the night.This is the area of the Mam Mayan tribes. The red stripped pants of the Mam men set them apart from other tribes. You have the opportunity here to share and learn with the children and see a unique landscape

November 4. We travel early to the lake where we will catch a boat to a nearby village and hotel on the lake  Surrounded by towering volcanoes, Mayan life and the lake itself you may have sensory overload. The lake is a mix of ancient and modern Guatemala. Dappled with fishermen in dugout canoes, kayaks, and motorboats you'll have stories to show from this. 

November 5. Savor and learn the local Mayan culture. Photograph everything Maya and the blending of cultures. You'll like the laid back culture of the Mayan. *Option to rent canoes to paddle across the lake for a few hours. Well worth the experience. 

November 6.  There's never enough time in the lake highlands. The laid back and friendly culture of the Mayan Tz'utujil Indians is addicting

November 7.  Return  to our hotel in Antigua and an evening in the park with final photo show and tell in our hotel space. 

November 8 Enjoy the morning in Antigua before your flight back home.   ***Be sure and talk to us before booking your flights. 

A vista above the town World Heritage UNESCO town, Antigua.

A vista above the town World Heritage UNESCO town, Antigua.

In Guatemala, All Saint's Day and Day of the Dead are celebrated around the colorful ceremony of kites. For a photographer, it's a festival for the eyes. The Mayan beliefs include wind, earth, and fire; the kites represent an integral part of communication. The kites take from six months to a year to create, and most all community members join together in groups to make these beauties. We will walk about 30 minutes from the town to the graveyard. 

Are you a storyteller in your heart? Are you flexible and like to meet new people? Pack your camera. Embrace life. Join us!

Improve your shooting abilities while traveling in the Mayan highlands. Learn to shoot in unique and colorful cultural situations, participate in photography critiques, and savor the ancient Mayan culture. 

Throughout the week, you will be shooting and learning. You will focus on engaging people, intentional shooting, and shaping your skills.

We kickstart this trip by photographing the colorful Mayan Kite Ceremony on All Saints' Day. This old tradition is a wild fiesta of color in the sky very worthy of the best photographers. Paper-and-bamboo kites as large as a bus colorfully illustrate Maya culture, religious themes, and human rights. 

This photography workshop is limited to 8 people.
We limit the participants in the workshop as it enables us to move with flexibility and work as a team. This photography workshop is led by Sherrlyn Borkgren. (her website is listed below)

Our Purpose. We will produce incredible photography, practice goodwill towards all, and encourage laughter on our planet. Experience the heartbeat of the culture. Grasp the endless opportunities to photograph in highland Mayan Guatemala, volcano-encircled lakes, and a historic city with its European and indigenous roots.

Cameras. A digital 35mm camera with either a fixed lens or a changeable lens works. Sherrlyn mainly shoots with a Canon 7D and iPhone 7 but has also been seen toting a Sony and an Olympus XA.

 Our emphasis centers on shooting amazing landscapes, people, architecture, and engaging with those we meet. 

You can expect photography assignments to be fun while learning to push your skills. We will assign certain nights for open photography critiques. You will have the opportunity to share your images during these evenings and talk about your experiences. No matter what your level of expertise, you will leave with stronger images and many stories to tell. 

Experience the past, the present, and the future. Photographthe ancient cathedrals. Hear the ancient Mayan languages. (There are 22 Mayan languages spoken throughout Guatemala but the three popular languages in the highlands are Kaqchikel, Tz’utujil and K'iche'.)

Weather. We will visit just after the rainy season. It might be 75F at midday and a pleasant 60F at night. It is really the land of eternal spring! 

Travel Attitude. Traveling responsibly encourages us to engage with all types of people. We will observe some values from our own history and other values that are unique to this very different culture. Openness will always be extended to those who seek ways to encourage laughter, understanding, and goodwill. Our goal is to spread goodwill. 

Free Time. We travel to many beautiful places on this trip, but we also try to make free time for everyone. Mornings and evenings, we'll take advantage of the magic light that falls on Guatemala for photographing. 

More Information? Contact us at

Cost. $2,800 for 10 Days. 
Included: Photography instruction, airport pickup, in-country transportation, all hotels (double occupancy–we'll try to match solo travelers). Private rooms are available at additional cost. Included in the cost are 5 breakfasts at the hotel and two lunches with a Guatemalan family during our stay in Antigua. Breakfasts are included at the Youth Ranch. Lunch ($6) and dinner ($8) are made by the kids. 

You will be picked up at the Guatemala City Airport and transported to our reserved hotel in Antigua for our first day of meet-and-greet and an evening meal. We stay October 30 to November 2 at the hotel before we travel onward. This gives you time to explore Antigua and take a side trip together for a vista overlooking the town. 

Not included: Airfare, tips, drinks, or anything beyond what is mentioned here.

***Ask us about Early Bird and Previous Traveler Specials! 

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