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Enjoy the short music/visual video below by Sherrlyn and your Mayan hosts in Guatemala

This video is for you to get an insight into the journey.

Discover Mayan Guatemala experience All Saints’ Day

and Lake Atitlan

October 30 - November 7, 2019




Step across the threshold into the ancient Mayan culture

Photograph. Goodwill. Friendships

The future is not written. It’s not preordained. It unfolds as a result of our action. It’s the choices we make and the risks we take.

Take a journey with renowned photographer, Sherrlyn Borkgren to the highlands of Guatemala. She has 25-years experience as a war photographer, story-teller and international correspondent for major magazines, human rights groups and newspapers. Our photography trips are personable, friendly and purposefully small. We find that everyone makes better photos when we have spontaneity and flexibility in the schedule. We seek sojourners who are curious, flexible and fun
We kick start the journey in Antigua, an ancient colonial town founded in 1542. We’ll photograph and explore the ancient wonders along quaint cobblestone streets and enjoy lunch with a Guatemalan family.

Guatemalans celebrate the passing of the dead on “All Saints’ Day” on November 1, rather than on Day of the Dead. We’ll join the fiestas in a nearby Mayan village to celebrate and photograph. You’ll have the opportunity to make pictures of people flying the colorful hand-crafted paper kites some as tall as a two-story building, try local food roasted outside and experience a Mayan graveyard.

We can’t miss the place which Aldous Huxley described as the “most beautiful lake in the world”, Lake Atitlán. We’ll visit Mayan towns with women cooperative weavers and herbal medicines. What better way to learn to be better than in the field with a professional photographer who lived and worked in Guatemala? The goal of these photo trips is to make incredible photos and to spread goodwill. It’s all part of the journey of becoming a passionate and meaningful photographer.

 Our Photo Trip Vacations offer a casual structure of hands-on-learning, discussions and inspiration without tedious classroom lectures.

Who Should Come? Those who are flexible minded and curious.

Prerequisite? Spontaneity and a cooperative heart

We align ourselves with lovely local hotels and Guatemalan people to support the environment and the communities that we visit. Each hotel provides mountain views or waking up to the waves of the lake smacking the shoreline.  

Price- $2800 for 9 days and 8 nights. Private rooms for the trip are an additional $150 for the whole trip.

On this trip breakfast in Antigua is included.

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 You'll learn how to create travel and storytelling photography that is beyond the ordinary. Each day we embark on an excursion to beautifully dramatic locations to photograph against unique backdrops of the indigenous Mayan culture and landscapes. There are 21 Mayan languages and in the lake area there are 400 species of birds).

Imagine hanging out with people from an ancient Mayan culture, photographing landscapes, people and have the option to hike up a mountain overlooking the lake. You’ll waking up to the gentle waves of  a volcanic lake. You'll become a better photographer, storyteller and your own life will be forever touched by those we meet. 


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We usually travel in our comfortable private van but this was a short ride to a village.

We usually travel in our comfortable private van but this was a short ride to a village.

Friends Antonia and Sherrlyn in Guatemala with an avocado and tangerines.

Friends Antonia and Sherrlyn in Guatemala with an avocado and tangerines.